Don't blame me for not knowing...

Last week, I decided it had been far too long since I last read a book - a real adult chapter book, I should add. The nightly Llama Llama and Going to Bed Book don't count.

I have an awful habit of not finishing books I get, as I tend to have a short attention span and I have difficulties tracking when I read. In an attempt to think of something that could captivate my interest through the whole book, I started to think about the things I loved to read as a child. The books that I couldn't -or wouldn't- put down, and would stay up secretly in bed late at night and read. Mystery. I love mysteries. So unless I was going to reread the entirety of the Baby-Sitters Club as an adult, I needed to find myself a good old fashioned mystery, and I did exactly that.

Fast forward to today, and I went to the library to pick up the book I had placed on hold. Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie. Why it took me so long to find a book like this is beyond me. I had heard of Agatha Christie before, but I'm unsure of the context of which I knew her. She was a famous name, but I did not know why she was famous. I am so sorry I waited this long to figure out why.

In the single half day since I picked this book up, I am already roughly 2/3 finished. I found myself walking to my water cooler to fill up my cup with my book in hand so I could continue to read while I walked. The power went out for a couple hours today, and upon my return home, my son had not returned from school yet, and my daughter was still at her babysitter, and I selfishly sat in my recliner and read in a completely quiet house. And it was amazing.

It has been far too long since I've experienced this level of joy while reading, and I am so excited to have found it again.

I hope you find yourself a great book. Fall is here and cozy season is almost here. There is no better time for books, cozy blankets, warm drinks, and soup and stews brewing in the crockpot.

Wishing everyone all the autumn joys for this season.